We have a fantastic selection of Side Stalls for Hire including the Cork Shooting Gallery, Tin Can Alley, Hit The Jackpot & Coconut Shy.

All the side Stalls are manned by our Mature Professional Supervisors who will show guests how the games work.

Cork Shooting Gallery – Shoot the Corks out of the Impressive BSA Gamo Rifles to knock down the Wild West Targets and Win the Prizes.

Tin Can Alley – Take the Targets out by throwing the Balls and Sacks to win the Prizes.

Wild West Hit The Jackpot – Throw the Balls into the Holes to Win the Prizes.

Coconut Shy – Throw the Wooden Balls to knock down and Win the Coconuts.

The Side Stalls/ Carnival Stalls are extremely popular for various Events including Wild West Events, Hawaiian Events, Fetes and Corporate events.

All the Side Stalls come with Prizes and are supervised accordingly.


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